I'm watching the watcher! (entity_watcher) wrote,

GT, or not GT?

I am not associated with Gryffindortower.net, says watchful_entity in its enlightening posting (which at the time of writing has an amusingly appropriate 666 comments). Now, I'm willing to believe that it isn't a card-carrying member of Gryffindor Tower, that in fact this entity has not so much posted on the boards there.

However, as far as I can tell from its posts and comments, the "friend" which it is supporting at the very least archives fics there, and certainly comments such as this one (claiming irinaauthor was lying about why she removed her fics) very much tow their "Party Line", and here's another example of it going on the defensive as regards GT. To cap it, there's this spiteful comment in which our beloved entity expresses its joy at msscribe leaving her job due to a malicious letter resulting from a flamewar in which the other side was composed of GT supporters.

So, despite claims to the contrary, the watchful_entity seems to be associating itself with Gryffindor Tower by virtue of repeatedly defending them and theirs (and only them) and attacking (or "watching") those people who have been on the other side of the numerous GT-related flamewars...
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